New York University photography classes

We should always keep our ears and eyes open, because no one knows where we can learn the basic lessons in marketing communications - from long-gone presidents to tattooed bikers. nyu photography Here's what I mean:

In a word:

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Hari-H, President Reagan used almost his entire speech to tell the story of a private World War II, who did not live long enough to join the ceremony, but which photography his daughter represented.

"To quote the girl, Reagan said," He made me feel afraid of being on a ship waiting to land. I can smell the ocean and feel seasickness. I can see the expression on the faces of his fellow soldiers - fear, sadness, uncertainty about what lies ahead. Photography Website And when they land, I can feel the strength and courage of those who take that first step through a wave toward what must surely look like instant death. "

As I think about this speech, I am bouncing in a rough wave off the coast of France, an unknown destiny. One low person whose story represents a great piece of history.

In the picture:

In a PowerPoint presentation about the importance of brand building, a marketing executive clicks on a single image - close-up of a biker's forearm, featuring Harley Davidson logo tattoos. There are no words (or word slides) that can convey brand power better than this impressive single photo. This one image creates a great platform for the speaker to make some of his key points clearly and concisely.

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